In search of companies that compound capital over the long term

We focus on companies that show hidden potential to be dominant in their sectors. We like to be early in that transition.


How do we choose our companies?

We remain prudent about paying infinite valuations for great quality businesses and are wary of companies taking large financial risks. For this we look at businesses early into a cycle and are willing to be patient as they emerge. Low valuations and low leverage in our portfolio choices help us focus on managing risk. Economic cycles and markets provide us with the upsides.



An experienced team. Our Chief Investment Officer Kenneth Andrade has managed a portfolio of over a billion dollar with a sound track record.


While being consistent with stock picking, our strategy is to maintain a buy and hold policy. We scour the unchartered waters of the investing universe while maintaining a healthy margin of safety.


Our team holds a cumulative experience of 65 years in equity research, and to their credit have individually excelled in their past assignments. Over the last decade, we have enjoyed success when it comes to identifying market winners.